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Crunchy With Or Without A Side Of Baby

January 23, 2014

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I’m like 30% crunchy for a Californian but to my family from the East Coast, I’m totally a smoothie drinking, yoga doing, hummus eating hippie. Crunchy alludes to granola, as in health-nut, as in…vaccine dodging, coconut oil rubbing, home-birthing kinda people. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m getting crunchier. Here’s a clever Crunchy Scale that makes sense of all this. 

Here are some ways to be crunchy, whether or not you’re having a baby:

  • Look up your beauty products on the EWG Skin Deep Database (Thanks, Jackie!). Look up some easy homemade beauty products…Pinterest town. BE that girl who used coconut oil to re-attach her left leg after a chainsaw accident. Yes, people really believe in the stuff. It’s good.
  • Drink out of stainless steel or other refillable BPA free water containers.
  • I even gave up antiperspirant and deodorant (for like the fifth try) for powder I put under my arms. Be strong. If you want to do this, you can, it just takes patience. You just may want to position your yoga mat 5-7 spaces away from mine. No, seriously I smell ok somehow.
  • Add fun things where you can like spinach and ground chia seeds to your smoothies or ground/chopped nuts to your salads.
  • Totally obvi, but eat organic, reduce/elminate artificial ANYTHING from your diet and regimen where you can. Check into your labels. Here are some easy healthy food ideas.
  • See an acupuncturist for stress relief, pain relief, lifestyle modification.
  • See a chiropractor to alleviate nerve interfereance and structural imbalance.
  • Get massages to…c’mon you know why. Here in LA there are foot reflexology places where you can get a massage for $20/hr.
  • Find mediative exercise (this could be sitting on your floor and zoning, jogging, church or yoga).

**If you ARE pregnant, aside from the popular avoidances: alcohol, coffee, sushi etc, look up soft unpastuerized cheeses which I didn’t know where potentially harmful.

When I was practicing acupuncture, I recommended that my patients get some form of treatment weekly. One week, it could be a chiropractic appointment and another it could be a pedicure. I have to take my own advice, right?

I’m still shaving under my arms and eating donuts so no, I’m no Earth Momma. Have you SEEN my grandmother’s recipe for Seven Layer Bars? Yeah, and I’m sure I didn’t go all the way to Paris, to this cafe, to NOT eat a chocolate croissant and whole milk cappuccino. Keep it as crunchy as you can!


Juan Pablo..errr…Conscious Box

January 21, 2014

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Truthfully, I had another post in mind but I was so distracted by Juan Pablo and The Bachelor girls that I took the easy way out and posted about this little box. Man, kissing one of the girls within eye-shot of other girls is CRAY! Opera singer gal is one to watch this season, eh?

All the make-up box reviews got me interested in subscription boxes but since I’m probably using the same mascara from 2009 (ew, I know), I decided to go with food for a start. 

**Get crunchy in seconds with these types of products. Next thing you know, you’ll be milking your own goats and turning it into yogurt that you will then use as an anti-aging mask, giving you the skin of Kate Blanchett. 



I like the mix of food, supplements and body products. You can choose gluten free, classic or vegan. I chose classic.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve tried The Good Beans and they were delish. Tapas to Go was awesome as well. Surprisingly, the “YES” is a lubricant. Hmm. You won’t find any reviews of that on THIS site. šŸ™‚ 

Have you tried any of these vita-gummie things? Last month’s box had a variety of them that I could have eaten a pound of.

Acupuncture Q & A #1

December 4, 2013

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Thank you so much for your acupuncture questions! I’m a licensed acupuncturist (currently taking a break from practicing) and I’ve answered your questions to the best of my abilities. This is again just some information to help you decide whether or not acupuncture is for you and how to find the right acupuncturist-not a way to diagnose or treat any condition.

This is the first video I’ve ever edited so there is room for improvement! You can fast forward to the question you are interested in. It is wordy!

For an explanation of how acupuncture works, click HERE.



0:00 Introduction

0:58 My friend’s husband has early onset Parkinson’s. He is in his mid-40s. He is currently taking meds to help him, but it makes him sluggish and tired. Would acupuncture help him be able to manage the tremors without meds?

5:23  I used to go to a chiropractor and he recommended acupuncture to deal with chronic back problems (stiffness, pain, etc.). How do you know if your acupuncturist is a good one (clean, safe, knowledgeable)? Is there an online resource to look this kind of information up? What questions should one ask of his/her doctor to be sure? 

10:22 Can acupuncture help with an addiction to soda?

12:40 My wife is thinking about using acupuncture to help natural labor along. So, the questions: In your experience, is acupuncture helpful with this? If so, how would you recommend we select an acupuncturist? Lastly, anything else we should know about this?

16:27 I have a question about acupuncture. A friend of mine had breast cancer. She is done with chemo and radiation and the tissue was removed. Now her breasts don’t have tissue to absorb the fluid her body makes. She has been on steroids and painkillers and antibiotics. Could acupuncture help her? She’s getting desperate. Thanks! 




Update Your Chocolate

August 15, 2013

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Do you keep food in your pantry WAAAAY longer than you should? Of course I do. The only thing that saves me is that I like to have barely anything in ANY cabinet in my house so it saves me from losing track of say…how long I’ve had the baking chocolate in there-the one “emergency bag” gets used before it can spoil. I’m helping my mom and sister this morning in prepping for our guests (photos of today’s event to be posted on Monday) and I decided to make the chocolate strawberries.

**Chocolate that stays in your cupboard too long goes bad. The flavor gets weird and it doesn’t melt properly. Surely the packaging chemicals seep into the chocolate too.

My sister is currently on the way to the grocery store for new chocolate and now new strawberries. Thank goodness for dads who taste test your cooking and tell you things like, “OOO, that has a funny aftertaste!” My mom insists they were fines. Tracey and I tried them. No, mom, they are not fine. They are poison. She can’t stop laughing.

My stomach hurts right now. The guest will be here in an hour.

Here is the Shelf Life For Chocolate.


I Showed My Husband Princess Kate’s Belly

July 25, 2013

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So you all saw the photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge coming out of the hospital. The first thing I noticed was Princess Kate’s post baby bump and then right after that, her super cute Jenny Packham dress that was perfectly coordinated with Prince William’s button down. Oh, and then the baby. The beautiful baby!

ThereĀ was a great article via a friend on Facebook called, Kate’s Unabashed Baby Belly Busts the Last Taboo of Pregancy. It reminded me of visiting a very close friend 2 days or so after she had her baby. She was still wearing a type of diaper, her belly was still big, she looked exhausted, her “crotch” was in constant pain and I admit it, I was a teeny bit surprised. I’ve seen many people in varying degrees in hospitals but seeing my previously very glowy friend now looking like she had been running a marathon all through the night was a big surprise. I have to say that when she held the baby I could tell that she was so incredibly joyful and her beauty was shining through.

Can you imagine being photographed right after that? I have a new-found respect for the royals after this.

Very soon after the birth of her baby, my friend returned to her beaming self. I was so grateful to be a part of those moments. I like to tell Chris about things like this so he is prepared too!

What kinds of things do you show your spouse to “prepare” him for things? Other couple’s arguments…etc? How do you express that something is “normal” when your partner disagrees?

P.S. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the J. Crew Wedding Dresses!

(photo by Carmen Rodriguez, via Flickr)

“Healthy Living”

July 18, 2013

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D0 you sometimes feel that deodorant and corn are killing you? With much more time to think about these things this past year, I’m realizing how much I miss the days when I was deciding between tutti-frutti Teen Spirit or Degree antiperspirants or eating a possibly non-organic ear of corn at the fair without a care in the world. Now IĀ struggle with natural (almost ineffective) alternatives to antiperspirantĀ and pay $6.50 for 6 organic corn tortillas. It takes me a bit longer to choose a body lotion and sometimes I am out of products for a while because I want to try something new but I’m not in a place where I want to spend the time on my own new research study! Sun tan lotion buying anxiety can be enough to warrant a Xanex. Great.

It’s up to me to figure it out. It can be a full-time job!

I heard a story on BBC the other night where there were cases of rat meat being sold as mutton in China! The report even mentioned that many Chinese families order things like baby formula from Germany to ensure better regulations and safety. Home test kits are available for purchase in China to test for purity or safety of food. China even imports RICE from Germany. Fascinating!

I’ve got to stop panicking every time I swipe that antiperspirantĀ under my dress on date night. I keep focusing on all the $50 organic tortillas I’m eating, my $2 organic apple and the Non GMO almond milk I’m drinking with my (naturally) gluten-free oats. That’s what keeps me going. What also helps me is eating dinner at friends’ houses to learn about different foods, talking to my healthy living mavens and sharing my favorite products with everyone I know!

What are your non-negotiable organic or health items? How do you deal with all of the information?