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The Game-Changer/Weekly Post

June 30, 2014

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breakfast breakfast-5breakfast-9 breakfast-3 breakfast-2You know those “game-changer” items that you didn’t know HOW you survived without? That is this Bebe Au Lait nursing cover for me right now. I try to be so minimalist sometimes and figured a baby blanket would suffice as a nursing cover. NOPE. Picture a ghost-lady…we were both hiding under a blanket, suffocating, sweating and NOT BLENDING IN.

E-ssential, people! I think everyone should have one-you could do all kinds of private things in public.

I wish the strange old man on a plane next to me once would have used one to do things like privately count all the cash in his wallet. 

I’m considering getting a couple more just because I will be wearing one of these permanently for about a year. 

Moral of the story? Buy that thing that is going to make your life better TODAY. Then please tell me what it was!

*This is not a sponsored post. 

Birthday Picnic

June 13, 2014

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Jen's Birthday Picnic Jen's Birthday Picnic-4 Jen's Birthday Picnic-3 Jen's Birthday Picnic-2This is what the afternoon before my water broke looked like: a birthday picnic and intention circle at Bronson Park, celebrating  my friend, Jen. 

Healthy snacks, some Tarot/spirit animals and a guided intention setting session. I pulled this goose card. Hours later I was waking with a big surprise.

I’m finishing up my birth story and will post it on Monday. It was such an interesting experience and it feels a little strange to me to write about. Thank you for your love. This is a big and beautiful challenge.  The support is invaluable. 

Malibu Cafe Birthday

May 27, 2014

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Malibu Cafe-6Malibu Cafe-7Malibu CafeMalibu Cafe-3Malibu Cafe-2Malibu Cafe-5Malibu Cafe-8So there are some people I stalk on Instagram. These people (one is Song of Style) know the COOLEST places to go in the L.A. area and I’ve had this one on my list for a bit. Chris’ birthday this week was a great occasion. Do you do this????

The Malibu Cafe is a totally random place hidden up the Malibu coast. There were 4 weddings being held this day but they are on different areas on the grounds. 

It is a totally casual place for lunch and day-drinking! OHHHH I miss day drinking!!!!! The food was good but the atmosphere was out of this world. There were dogs everywhere and this live band. You can use the paddle boats, play pool, ping pong, shuffle board or just lounge while people ask you what your due date is. 

I can’t wait to come back here with a group of friends, a baby and an adult beverage! This day I chose an Arnold Palmer-my new vice. 

I am getting to that point where it’s a bit challenging to get up and move about with any kind of urgency. Life is now in slow motion and I’m embracing it. 

P.S. I think we FINALLY came to a decision on a first name for the baby. What a relief!!! Your input really helped! Thank you!!!

Happy Friday!

May 23, 2014

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Rossmore LA Studio-122nd wave Rossmore LA14k_teeth_earringsPeanut butter cup cakePeanut butter cup cake-4Peanut butter cup cake-2Max art show1. Have you checked out Rossmore LA in her studio this week and her giveaway below?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2. Chris saw this Peanut Butter Cup Overload Cake over my shoulder on Pinterest and requested it for his birthday yesterday. I was more than happy to oblige. My frosting job was a bit hurried here! I could have let the ganache cool a bit longer before pouring it. We brought it to dinner with the family last night. It was DIVINE! It tastes even better cold, the next day.

3. We got to attend Chris’ brother, Max’s college senior art show last night too. So proud of Max!

4. Hoping we get another weekend before the baby comes to celebrate Chris’ birthday a little more with things like naps and movies. 

5. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! XO

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Montana, Sunburns & Why I Don’t Need Matches

May 19, 2014

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Montana and Grandpa'sMontana and Grandpa's-2 Charlie Pool-4 Montana and Grandpa's-5Saturday school is NEVER going to feel right! During high school in Maryland, my little sister and I would go to Korean language/culture classes all Saturday morning. PS I was very behind for my age so as a 16 year old, I was in class with my sister’s grade (6 years my junior).  

Chris and I had a childcare class for 4 hours on Saturday. Our teacher is like a funny grandma. It helps.

Afterwards we were in NEED of getting that WEEKEND feeling so we headed over to a cafe on Montana. Montana Ave. is the locals’ spot of Santa Monica for food and shopping whereas Third Street Promanade is more touristy (but still awesome).

Then we totally ordered a Pinkberry bomb of a sundae and I wanted a photo of how big I felt/looked afterwards! 

In an email to a friend last night I told her that if I were in a survival situation at this point, I wouldn’t need a match for a fire because of the friction between my thighs now. TMI?

On Sunday we needed more weekend vibes so we headed over to Chris’ family’s house for pool time. I’m wearing a grandma hat, tshirt covering a bikini and doing the splits (preventing forrest fires). It felt SO good and of course we got awesome sunburns so we feel like it’s really summer now.

Charlie really looked interested in the pool so Chris gave him a little half-dip.

I’ve never seen Charlie PASS OUT in the car before but this was him on the ride home. 

I’m looking for that body glide that I used when training for the half marathon a million lifetimes ago. 

Personalized Thank You Cards

May 15, 2014

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Treat Personalized Photo CardsTreat Personalized Photo Cards-11Treat Personalized Photo Cards-3Treat Personalized Photo Cards-5 Treat Personalized Photo Cards-4Treat Personalized Photo Cards-8Treat Personalized Photo Cards-7

Aside from thank you gifts, I was looking for really personal thank you messages for the hostesses of my baby shower, Ruth and Kelly, Ruth’s personal chef, Andrew and my sister Tracey. You know how I feel about thank you cards.

Here are some cards I made recently through Treat. It’s a Shutterfly company specializing in personalized cards you can create online and have sent to you or directly to your recipients. Treat had invited me to try out some of their cards and this was great timing.

I have made photo cards before but I wanted something more personal, less pre-made looking or themed and easy. There are some options that allow you to basically make the card exactly how you want it. I chose a plain photo card, uploaded photos, dragged and dropped the photos into the layouts I chose and filled in some text boxes.

The site loads very quickly, it is super intuitive, gets straight to the point and I was able to create like a mini-scrapbook of photos for my recipients. Even the little photo on the back is customizable. I put in a rose from Ruth’s garden. You can save your projects and come back to them. 

I would love to get a card like this.

What kinds of personalized gifts or cards have you received that were very special to you?