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April 13, 2015



We really have twins!!! Just kidding…

I was tickled when we showed up at the Joovy Southern California office and was told that we would be “modeling” the twinroo stroller! HA! 

We had Grant in both seats for photos and Ray, Joovy’s very awesome photographer photoshopped the photos together. 

The Best & At Times We Wanted to Die

March 16, 2015

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P1010008-1Vacation to Hawaii with 6 month old Grant was just like being home but better. A cruise followed by a week in Florida with 10 month old Grant (we live in California) was awesome and at times we wanted to die. HA!


At home, he was sleeping in his own room and only waking once if at all in the night. On the trip, we were in a mix of hotel rooms, the cruise ship, rental cars and my parents’ place. The new beds, temperatures and having us 6 inches away from him meant only 2 hour stints of sleep. Then we all got the flu. 

There were many nights where Chris and I turned on each other during long crying bouts…”This is crazy…we’re never leaving the house…” HA! Then Grant goes to sleep and we kiss each other goodnight. 


We haven’t been happier. Having our families around and getting to spend time with Grant has been one of the most wonderful feelings we’ve had. We also got to have a few dates!

We are back. He’s sleeping 10000% better and so are we. As soon as the sniffles subside I’m sure we’ll be planning our next trip. 

How To Spoil a Mom

February 23, 2015

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IMG_3813-1-2Here are a few luxuries for any woman who wants to treat herself.  

Soon after Grant was born (8.5 months ago), showering was my first luxury. This was followed by shaving, giving myself a good blow out and eventually things like haircuts and pedicures.

Well, people, I’m moving into a world of spoiling myself again and here are my latest favorites!!!

I finally bought myself a Volcano candle from Anthropologie…before only as gifts!

NARS blush in Desire (blue pink). 

Tarte BB Cream for a “daily” easy look. “I woke up like this.”

The softest, most stylish pajamas I’ve ever had from Maison Du Soir. They pack up so small and and light. PERFECT for our upcoming vacation. Now I can stop dressing like a Yeti at least one night a week. This top will also be seen as daywear with jeans! HA!

Caudalie. Real eye/lip antiaging cream and I actually use it daily (probably because it was like a million dollars).

What are you spoiling yourself with? If not, what do you want!? 

P.S. Did a quick overhaul yesterday of the design. Thought about it a lot and then sped through the nuts and bolts. Needs a bit of work but what do you think?


November 3, 2014

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P1010032-2 P1010053-7 P1010054-8If it wasn’t for the no-way, wrap-around line at Party City on Halloween night, Grant would have been in a biker boy, tattoo sleeved costume because that was what was left in his size! HA! Luckily, Kmart next door had this bee costume. 

I have had many fantasies of what I would feel like as a new mom. Then I saw many new moms sharing their stories and showing me that these fantasies were accurate. Hoorah! Well, I was disappointed for not feeling these things at the beginning of motherhood and all the time. It wasn’t depression. I was mostly focused on all the mechanics like feeding, changing, soothing, recovering myself and relocating. I’ve heard some moms experiencing this too. Well, all the joys I was anticipating are happening. I’m really excited. We have gone from surviving to enjoying life this week. Less THE WALKING DEAD and more FRASIER (my all-time favorite show). 

I miss Grant (I’ve started to call him more by his name and less “the baby”) when he’s napping. I check in on him sleeping and wonder when he’ll wake so I can cuddle him. All those annoyingly sappy things that I have been praying for are happening.

Frasier. The way my life used to feel. Nerdy jokes, failing at being fancy (but not giving up) and even when there is something “bad” it’s not really that bad at all. Everything ends with a good laugh…usually at myself. 

If you had to pick a sitcom that mirrored your life (or what you’d like it to be), which would it be??????


Newborn Family Photos With Jack & Lola Photographer Lyndsey Yoemans

September 15, 2014

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Warren08 Warren10 Warren14Warren03Warren-22Warren-68 Warren36Warren-40 Warren50 Warren54Warren-62 Warren60Warren-44Warren-83 It’s Monday and right now we are MOVING to Orange County! While we’re rushing and vacuuming, I wanted to share some images that I feel so lucky to have. Lyndsey Yoemans, owner of Jack & Lola Photography, was in her last week of pregnancy and she was so generous to come to our home and take these photos for us at the three week mark. Really, if she hadn’t, this would not have happened. 

Chris met Lyndsey and her husband years ago through mutual friends and I’ve been building a “web friendship” with Lyndsey via Instagram drooling, Facebook stalking and blog envying. I have admired her style and love seeing our other mutual friends’ photos on her beautiful website

The first time we met was on this photo session and I already felt like we had been friends.

I love so many of them but here are a few. 

When I look at these now, I see that his gentle personality and sense of humor were there all along. It just didn’t seem like it back then.

As I write this, he’s been napping for HOURS. Good. More packing time for me. After these marathon sleeps, he wakes up with 5 new skills and facial expressions. Have you seen the movie Orlando with Tilda Swinton? Well…SPOILER ALERT: Tilda’s character starts out as a he and after a long nap (hmmm around a few weeks or so) HE wakes up as a SHE! GAH! It’s not that dramatic around here but it’s close.

Thank you, Lyndsey!


Know It All

September 1, 2014

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P8310119-1-2Sometimes you swear that you ordered something online. Ahead of time. With plenty of time. You email the vendor asking for updates and the responses seem to say that all is in order after 11 back and forths. Then you ask for the shipping number and she tells you that you haven’t purchased it yet but you need it tomorrow. DAH!

Luckily you live in LA where you can buy ANYTHING on this planet. There’s a sweaty warehouse called Moskatel’s in a seedy part of downtown and they have more ribbon than you could shake a stick at for your sister-in-law’s wedding. 

No. I have that mom-brain that I was SO vehemently sure I had an immunity to.  

I want to shed big, juicy, figurative tear of farewell to that part of my brain that used to remember everything. Adieu my friend. Adieu. Hopefully, until next time. 

Perhaps I may no longer even be teased as a “know-it-all.” Drat.

What’s that yellow thing called again?