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Malibu Cafe Birthday

May 27, 2014

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Malibu Cafe-6Malibu Cafe-7Malibu CafeMalibu Cafe-3Malibu Cafe-2Malibu Cafe-5Malibu Cafe-8So there are some people I stalk on Instagram. These people (one is Song of Style) know the COOLEST places to go in the L.A. area and I’ve had this one on my list for a bit. Chris’ birthday this week was a great occasion. Do you do this????

The Malibu Cafe is a totally random place hidden up the Malibu coast. There were 4 weddings being held this day but they are on different areas on the grounds. 

It is a totally casual place for lunch and day-drinking! OHHHH I miss day drinking!!!!! The food was good but the atmosphere was out of this world. There were dogs everywhere and this live band. You can use the paddle boats, play pool, ping pong, shuffle board or just lounge while people ask you what your due date is. 

I can’t wait to come back here with a group of friends, a baby and an adult beverage! This day I chose an Arnold Palmer-my new vice. 

I am getting to that point where it’s a bit challenging to get up and move about with any kind of urgency. Life is now in slow motion and I’m embracing it. 

P.S. I think we FINALLY came to a decision on a first name for the baby. What a relief!!! Your input really helped! Thank you!!!

Birthday Night

April 23, 2014

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Little Fork

Little ForkLittle ForkLittle ForkSo I’ve been playing around with my website and it reminds me of when I watched my dad take apart a few VCRs then try to put them back together again when I was a kid. I’d hear some little curse words and sometimes he’d be up all night trying to fix the thing. You know how many parts are in those! 

Even when the site is a little wonky, I have to step away from the computer to regroup. Thanks for your patience! 

Last night we went out for dinner at Little Fork and saw The Book of Mormon at The Pantageous Theatre with our friends, Rion and Jackie. Super entertaining and great company.

The egg cups were made of some sort of reusable material and they were delicious. They kind of make me think of dinosaur eggs. The food was DELICIOUS! We had some lobster rolls, beet salad (of course)  and potato gnocchi. Jackie’s drink was a fancy version of a Manhattan. I want to drink everything out of cups like these. 


Museum & Shots

February 10, 2014

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The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has super cool art installations all over the grounds. You can enjoy them without even purchasing admission (although we did to see some of the art inside the buildings).  Outside, there’s this hanging noodle thing you can you weave through. You run into little kids while trying not to think of all the germs lingering on those little tubes, trying to get into your mouth. 



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA fountain leading to the courtyard.


This painting is a rendition of the LA riots.  My only direction to Chris was: Just sit there and don’t move for just a few moments, ok?


Look at what a good listener I am.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow do you like the photos?

Malibu’s Only Farm

December 3, 2013

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Please tell me you got some incredible shopping deals yesterday! I went to buy that J. Crew “boho prep” scarf and it was sold out! LOL. I’ll have to search for the next big “it” accessory item!

This weekend we went for a little hike in Solstice Canyon located in Malibu. Is this really my life? This time last year I was growing extra body hair trying to stay warm and going to a dingy tanning salon, run by a cat lady, for vitamin D (a la Seattle). We Yelped this place for lunch on the Malibu Pier. 

Malibu Pier

Malibu Farm


 Is anyone going to eat these watermelons? It’s ok, they are so pretty but they do seem kinda juxtaposed next to those bales of autumn hay??


Everyone should store periodicals this way. 


It was a wait-in-line to order then find your own seating kinda place. This rug was so sweet. Can you see our sweaty hiking clothes? Chris is a true Californian and had a pair of sandals in his trunk to change into.


Menu: stellar. Prices: so worth the quality and ambiance.

Malibu FarmLooks like they sell sweatshirt swag. This display is too cool for school.



The outdoor tables were full but I was baked from the hike so I welcomed the shaded seating inside. 

IMG_2936The benches were draped with these sheep skin rugs. Oh so luxe.

IMG_2925I got the vegetable chop salad with avocado. Seriously scrumptious. 

IMG_2926Grass fed burger for Chris. Yes, I had some. Yes, it was a battle.


IMG_2904I wanted to be in a shot but not really, so here’s my runway look.


A Day On Set

November 20, 2013

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on set

I was so totally out of it last Sunday, from a bad night’s rest on Saturday night, that I forgot about my day on set! Here I am during a short break while another extra and I sneak photos of each other. Remember that tryout I had for a very small part in a web series a few weeks ago? Well, they gave the part to someone else (the actual Japanese person with her back to me in the photo) but asked if I would come in to be an office extra. YES! I was so excited just to see how it all went down.

We were emailed with a list of appropriate things to wear as office apparel and given the time and location of shooting. Once we arrived there was a group of us in the parking lot out in front of the studio. It was funny because it was a bunch of Asian people. The office scene is supposed to be a Japanese television station. We all jokingly asked “what kind of Asian are you?” I think there were 2 Japanese people out of the 8 of us. I love it.

These were all real actors. One guy had just done a Jack in the Box commercial and others had many experiences under their belt. We actually were able to apply to be in the Screen Actor’s Guild due to the union nature of this production (I think that’s how you’d explain it). One guy had been waiting for years for the opportunity.

Anyhow, they set us up in the office. They had a bunch of guys huddled around a cubicle looking at a naughty photo of another office woman. I was to walk by and rubber neck. It was great. We stayed for a bit while they filmed some more scenes and that was it! It was really cool! I loved the “ACTION,” and “CUT!” 

The studio was divided int0 multiple suites in a building. Each suite had sections like the one below. Here is a school set. We were in the office set adjacent.
Studio 5

I can kick that one off the bucket list!

Lake Arrowhead Weekend

November 11, 2013

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 Happy Veterans Day! I’m proud to have served and I’m so grateful to those who have and continue to serve. On another note, the devastation in the Phillipines is so shocking. I’ve been thinking of the people there. 

We had a great weekend in Lake Arrowhead this weekend. We met up with Chris’ family for some QT.

Lake Arrowhead is a quaint little mountain community. Everything feels lodgey and cozy. The roads are windy and the “downtown” is very cute. There are a couple of medium sized grocery stores and a few really great restaurants. The best place to get breakfast is at the Lake Arrowhead Resort’s restaurant, Bin 189. 

The birch accents and moose antler chandeliers are a nice modern touch to lodgiliciousness.

Lake Arrowhead Resort Bin 189

Bloody Marys-Great way to wait for a table for 7.


I swear we eat healthy when we eat at home during the weekdays! For now, this is a BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) with parmesan truffle fries (MY FAVE).


The resort is a gorgeous place to get married or have a party.


These lit-up birch trees line up to make screens that flank the entrance to the restaurant.



Another update to cabin decor.



We needed some more heavy, cool weather-mountain food so we went out for dinner at The Grill at Antlers Inn. Probably the best place up here for dinner.



The house salad with a mouth-watering raspberry vinaigrette.


Chicken penne gorgonzola pasta for me. I ate about a third of it-deicious but over-the-top in richness. 


I did a number on this ice cream pie though…


The next photo should be of me laying down and holding my belly or better than that it should be of me exercising but the truth is I spent the weekend on the sofa nodding off. Maybe there was one little stroll around the neighborhood.