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Lighting Food Photographs At Home

May 18, 2015


IMG_7201IMG_7208Lighting my photographs is such a fun challenge. Here are some really simple methods I use to light my home food photographs. 

First, I love contrast. I often use a simple white background. I use white tabletops, slabs of marble (pastry slabs), or sometimes just white foam board. For a more moody look, use a dark background like my dining table.

In these photos, I brought the plate/items over to my dining table by a window. I am facing the food and the window is at my right. This window side lighting creates a nice, bright, and interesting light on the food. This way you get some shadows. I love to do food photographs in the morning by a bright window. 

I don’t have a very bright home so I need to boost my ISO up to 1250, bump down my shutter speed to 200 and open my aperture to 2.8 sometimes to get the look I want. 

The waffles were shot on a sunny morning and the cookies were shot on a cloudy morning. 

What tips/websites/Instagram accounts help you in food styling and photography? 


Posing For Photographs

May 11, 2015


IMG_5647 IMG_5790 IMG_5801 IMG_5844 IMG_6150 IMG_6323 IMG_6459


Here are some photos from a recent shoot for Gianna of AcuIntuit as she develops a rebranding of her site. She is a natural in front of the camera. Here are a couple tips for your next photoshoot.

When I get in front of a camera I turn into an awkward goofball. I raise my shoulders, eyebrows and my hands start taking on a life of their own. HA!

Next time you have your photo taken, take a deep breath and poise yourself in a natural, non-posey way. Look right into that lens as if you were looking into another person’s eyes and give them a kind, gentle smile. 

If you have a photoshoot coming up, consider a little cocktail before the shoot! 

Some of my favorite photos of myself were taken when I wasn’t “posing.” Be yourself and your photographer will capture those moments!

Something New

April 20, 2015

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Monisha-25 Monisha-35 Monisha-36 Monisha-38 Monisha-42 Monisha-65 Monisha-69

Hello!! I have been busy creating a photography business and it has been so rewarding! It is SO exhilarating to get home from a shoot, photos marinating on that SD card and then splayed out on my computer. 

At first, I am terrified. Then I find a few photos to cling to and THEN I find GOLD!!!! AHHHH! What do you think?

Beach Bride

February 16, 2015

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Suzy LeQ-1-18Suzy LeQ-1-16Suzy LeQ-1-15Suzy LeQ-1-12Suzy LeQ-1-17Suzy LeQ-1-13Suzy LeQ-1-14The overcast day was so exactly what Suzy and I were hoping for! After some wedding dress photos, Suzy wanted to change into a favorite Mark and Estel dress. Oh no big deal…just that Mark and Estel and Rossmore did a beautiful colaboration on the New York Fashion Week runway this past week. HA!

Hair by @antionetternz_, Makeup @ashhley_anne, top @luxuryjones, model/styling @bbluexx, Jewelry @rossmorela, white dress by @markandestel

Suzy LeQ of Rossmore LA

February 9, 2015

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Suzy LeQ-1Suzy LeQ-1-4Suzy LeQ-1-6Suzy LeQ-1-5Suzy LeQ-1-7Rossmore LA Blog Post Photoshoot Field-1-7Suzy LeQ-1-8Suzy LeQ-1-9Suzy LeQ-1-10 Suzy LeQ-1-11Suzy recently married her love! She wanted some more  bridal photos where she could highlight this Luxury Jones top (custom made for her) as well as her Rossmore LA jewerly upcoming pieces. This is too fun for me and I had exactly this look in mind for her.

She even obliged me and wore this twig and flower crown I created for her. It was made from a tumbleweed I found near my house and some store bought baby’s breath. HA! Luckily, we had the perfect overcast day for the mood we were looking for. 

You can find Rossmore LA on the Mark and Estel runway during New York Fashion Week coming up!

P.S. We went to the beach too but there were too many photos for just one post. 

Hair by @antionetternz_, Makeup @ashhley_anne, top @luxuryjones, model/styling @bbluexx, Jewelry @rossmorela


False Lashes For Photos

February 2, 2015

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IMG_1450-1I LOVE false lashes, especially for photos. My view on photography is that an amazing portrait communicates the true beauty of the subject. False lashes draw attention to the eyes and add a dramatic, sultry, sweet or romantic look to the wearer depending on the style used. This type of look-down pose is really beautiful to capture and very popular right now!

There are so many brands and looks but I prefer MAC just because that is what I’ve used. At around $15 a pair, they have proven themselves for use many many times per pair. I use DUO glue which you can buy from MAC and from Target. The trick is using a tiny amount and waiting 30 seconds after applying it before attaching the lashes to your lid. Also, do a liner on your upper lid to make the lashes blend in better. 

False lashes look so incredibly perfect and sometimes you want that doll-like or pin-up look. I sometimes prefer the “natural look” for day to day use myself. When I do this look, I actually trim the false lashes with a small pair of eyebrow scissors to mimic my own lash patterns. For example, my lashes are random lengths in different areas so I just copy that pattern on the false lashes. My acupuncturist actually complimented me on the lashes the other day and was surprised they were fake!

If you have never worn fake lashes, even sparse ones can seem like too much but trust me, the more you wear them, the bigger/longer/thicker you will want to venture! HA! So buy the pair you think you’ll feel comfortable and then also buy the next level or 2 levels up as well. Thicker/longer lashes are better for photos and the more gentle ones are great for a little secret weapon for the run of the mill pick-me-up day.


Use an eyeliner to make a solid line/cat eye line on your upper lash line.

Set up a mirror on a countertop that tilts up so that you are looking down at it when applying the lashes.

Gently detach the lashes from the packaging and hold by the lashes with tweezers.

Apply a thin layer of DUO glue to the lash line of the false lashes.


Apply the lashes to your lash line by looking down into the mirror. The shortest part of the lashes go on the inside of your eye. line them up where your natural lashes begin.

You have a few seconds to slide them into the perfect place!

False lashes were worn in this photo! This makeup credit goes to @mishanesselrod from @holidaysalon!  Did you see Courtney of Maison Du Soir‘s other photos? Does anyone have other brand recs?