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I’m Starting To Show!

January 9, 2014


Chris and I had an event we dressed up for the other day and luckily, I had something appropriate that fit! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the nicest “maternity” outfit I own thus far. You can find it HERE. It is NOT a maternity dress and it would look good on ANYONE. I was poaching in the non-prego section earlier this week and decided to buy this and stash it.


It is really just a big sweatshirt but somehow I feel chic in it. I know, still no full length shots that include my knees. I’m working up to it. I’m new to “clothing photos.” This is really hard for me and actually uninteresting but I LOVE seeing photos of my favorite bloggers on their sites (i.e. The Lauren Elizabeth & Karly Kim). These were taken in the bedroom…I’ve gotta find some better backgrounds!

Do you LOVE this necklace? You can find a similar one HERE. It has a ring of rose gold, yellow gold and silver. I wear it with everything, mixing it with different metals of earrings. It goes with my engagement ring and wedding band (white gold and rose gold respectively).

How does it feel? Whelp, it’s really awesome to transition from “fattish/PMS-bloaty/beer-gut belly” to a harder, rounded, baby-belly. You notice a couple of belly glances from people here and there and wish there was an unsaid confirmation response. You start to hold the belly or it feels nice to keep a hand on it when you’re standing or sitting in one spot for long periods. 

AND there is a baby in there that you can feel moving around. Interesting.