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Malibu Cafe Birthday

May 27, 2014

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Malibu Cafe-6Malibu Cafe-7Malibu CafeMalibu Cafe-3Malibu Cafe-2Malibu Cafe-5Malibu Cafe-8So there are some people I stalk on Instagram. These people (one is Song of Style) know the COOLEST places to go in the L.A. area and I’ve had this one on my list for a bit. Chris’ birthday this week was a great occasion. Do you do this????

The Malibu Cafe is a totally random place hidden up the Malibu coast. There were 4 weddings being held this day but they are on different areas on the grounds. 

It is a totally casual place for lunch and day-drinking! OHHHH I miss day drinking!!!!! The food was good but the atmosphere was out of this world. There were dogs everywhere and this live band. You can use the paddle boats, play pool, ping pong, shuffle board or just lounge while people ask you what your due date is. 

I can’t wait to come back here with a group of friends, a baby and an adult beverage! This day I chose an Arnold Palmer-my new vice. 

I am getting to that point where it’s a bit challenging to get up and move about with any kind of urgency. Life is now in slow motion and I’m embracing it. 

P.S. I think we FINALLY came to a decision on a first name for the baby. What a relief!!! Your input really helped! Thank you!!!

The Love Bite

March 18, 2014



When Chris tells me he loves me, I often respond with, “Yes, but how do I know?” Very annoying. Well, the last time he replied with, “I always give you the good bite when we share food.” 

Wow. I am really loved. If I were a pooch, I’d be the one who would hang out in the kitchen. Not the one waiting for any crumb to fall, but waiting for you to slow cook some organic, grass fed, step 5 (basically someone read the cow bedtime stories every night), burgundy, short ribs and share a little with me because I licked your leg very gently and cutely.

How do you SHOW love? I seem to like showing off the amount of love I receive by my thigh size. Love that.

I Instagrammed this morsel I found waiting for me in the kitchen one afternoon. SOMEONE didn’t want to eat the last piece and leave me nothing. 



Is he looking at the rest of the pizza thinking which slice should go to me? Hope so! 

The Monthly Female NORMAL

February 27, 2014

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Early on in our relationship my boyfriend (now husband) and I were talking one morning. It was one of those PMS mornings where I was feeling moody. I probably started into some whiney monologue. Since it was the first time he’d seen me like this, his face showed confusion and concern. 

I stopped whatever I was talking about and flipped a switch, “Hey, I’m moody. It’s near my special time of the month. This is NORMAL.” 

He was silent for pretty much the rest of the day.

Flash forward (weeks or months). The next time I was a little grouchy, he interrupted me and asked timidly, “Is it your NORMAL time?”


Then he recalls the time when I explained my monthly moodiness. It sounds like this: “THIS IS NORMAL,” in a dragon breathing, monster voice like from Ghost Busters or something. I had red glowing eyes and my head was spinning in his recollection. 

I’m so thankful to have someone who will make fun of me when I’m being annoying. 

Do you have a code for that time? My mom, sister and I used the Korean word for it, growing up, so it was a secret from my dad.  


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Help: What Do You Give A Man For Valentine’s Day?

January 29, 2014

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IMG_2908Please HELP! A very good friend of mine has a special Valentines Day coming up with her man and she is looking for some gift suggestions. 

Some of my past gifts for Chris have been…

  • Clothes
  • hand carved wooden business card holder
  • monogram embossed business card holder

Hold on, I just took a nap from how boring that list of gifts was. Sorry. OK.

Wow, we’ve only been together a short time and honestly we’re not really into gift giving. It must not be one of our “love languages” (have you read The 5 Love Languages?). I do know that gifts are EXTREMELY important to other people however and I am better at getting gifts for those people.

Here are a couple of my ideas for dudes:

  • tickets-to a game, concert, event
  • an elaborate prank
  • a massage from you
  • ooooo, a flourless chocolate cake

Please share your secrets! Thank you in advance!

P.S. We are still in the Caribbean and we’ll be back this weekend!

The Thing I Get Asked About A Lot

November 19, 2013

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St. Peter's Basilica

“Things you don’t know about me” has been trending on Facebook lately and one of my favorite bloggers is running an FAQ video series. You have those questions that people seem to ask you all the time. Something about what you do or who you are or how you look gets people curious about something. Many people (women) ask me to tell them how I met my husband, Chris. What a sweet question that I LOVE to answer. The usual, quaint, brief story I give is:

Our mutual friends, Isaac and Stephanie set us up. Isaac and Chris were friends since middle school. Stephanie and I met in graduate school (acupuncture). Stephanie was always fond of Isaac’s friend, Chris. When we finally came together, it felt right from the start with a lot of laughing. 

Often though, it seems like what the ladies are really asking is, “How did you attract the love of your life?” Since you are reading my blog I am going to get personal now.

One reason I feel both humble and confident about calling Chris “the love of my life” or my “perfect partner” is because I have been married before. The path that I had taken to him was a conscious path of reinvention, prayer and luck.

Very soon before I met Chris, my cheery, positive attitude about one day being with “the man of my dreams and having a family” fizzled to nothing and for two weeks there was a period of hopelessness (of love).

In those two weeks, I barely spoke to anyone other than people at work (my patients). I was so thankful to be wrapped up in their treatments and concerns. For hours after the workday, I sat and stared off into the distance and thought of nothing. Some people call this meditating. Others may call it COOKOO. After a few days of staring in the evenings, I switched into extreme OCD mode, organizing my life down to every little detail. My business was doing much better and I looked for a nicer place to live. 

Once the ducks were in a row, I employed the help of some friends. I took up my friend Stephanie’s offer to tie on a prayer bracelet she had brought back from Brazil. You can read more about it here. I wanted to set the intention of attracting my mate. I wanted to let him know I was ready.

A 100 year old nun and patient at the clinic was always so kind to me. She was from an all-religion-inclusive type of church. She reminded me of nuns I knew growing up. I sincerely asked her if she would pray for me. “Write it down for me on a piece of paper,” she said. When she looked down at the paper, she looked up at me in surprise. “That’s what you want,” she asked in disbelief. “More than anything,” I said. Then I prayed. I wrote and I prayed some more. I wasn’t on any online dating sites. I didn’t take up any blind date offers. I stopped noticing who was in line at the deli. I was waiting for him to find me. When he found me, I knew he wouldn’t let me go.

I worked hard and my practice was doing so well. The friends I surrounded myself with were supportive examples. I spent time with my friends who were married, with children and role models to me. 

There were hours a day dedicated to daydreaming and cultivating my best self. 

I had reinvented myself. Instead of focusing on who Mr. Right was or daydreaming of being “saved” (gag and p.s. the “being saved” fantasy was a very brief period) I was becoming Mrs. Right. Manicured nails, self-confidence, a great work out regimen, self-supporting, cute condo by the beach and all the self-discipline of a lady. Does it sound like gloating? Well, I looked at it as hard work and focus. I was my best version of myself. The days of disappointment were over. It was only possible to attract a match, no one who didn’t make the cut. There was no “well, he’s nice and has a good job.” 

I DID make the list for Mr. Right though. It was 11 pages long to be exact. I drew a “picture” of he and I on the white board of my fridge. He was in a nice biz casual outfit because he was a professional and he had really nice hair. I stood next to him with one leg bent in the air. I was kind of jumping up with happiness. He was steady and stood tall. 

I knew he was on his way. I actually said aloud to Stephanie once the bracelet was on that he would come around within 2 months. Our courtship would be easy and we’d soon be romantically engaged then married. Then it happened. It was hilarious and it was perfect in the most unexpected but comfortable way. 

(photo: Chris and I in front of St. Peter’s Basilica. Vatican City, Rome) 

Bathrooms And Romance

September 23, 2013

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Small bathroom in Paris Condo

Romance. How do you keep it in your relationships? I grew up with a serious female code of mystery. “Womanly” things like using the restroom, monthly business etc were to be a secret from men. I had a hard time relating to my friends who could sit on the toilet while brushing their teeth and talking to their partners about their day (you know who you are and I’m expecting a nasty text. I know other ways that you keep your romance that I have yet to try). Sorry. I’ve also never had a baby, which I hear, is a game changer in this department. We will see.

Husband and I ¬†quickly established that “get ready” time in the morning was a private/sacred affair. He actually took the lead there. When that bathroom door was closed, only an intergalactic Godzilla attack was going to have him interrupting me and even in that case he would probably find a way to contact me from a far or via cell phone with a firm voice that had a “I can’t hear or see anything from here” tone.

We call it “keeping the romance.” I have had to sit outside…at night…in a rainforest jungle…in Belize…in the dark so he could have privacy in our studio-hut sans bathroom doors. I was happy to do it while deathly afraid of Anacondas and shoe-sized insects. It really maintained an aire of…sanitation for me.

What do you think about privacy and openness in this department with your partner?

The photo is of our small studio in Paris last week. You are looking at the double French doors on the right that house the washer, shower and sink. The little door to the left is the toilet room. The condo “had everything you need” as our friends described it as we reserved it a month before but it was SMALL! We had to invent ways to “keep the romance” without falling out a window or sitting in the hallway. It involved headphones.