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Capsule Wardrobe Fall Edition

September 2, 2017


I wanted to create a practical, stylish wardrobe of clothes that I love and actually wear. 

**This is for great for anyone who likes classic pieces that last many seasons and above all are comfortable!

This is not a sponsored post. This post contains affiliate links. You can click any of the clothing items for more details. Thank you for supporting my blog! If you are reading this through a subscription email, the clothing images may not show up so please visit the blog HERE. OK, here we go!

When I cleaned out my closet recently, I found again that I had a bunch of what I call “ideal wardrobe” items that I bought but never wore. These are what I envision myself wearing in my life but don’t really make sense for the life I really lead.

Why I never have anything to wear: Well, I wear jeans and tees but I often don’t want to admit this so I only have 2 tees and like one pair of jeans. lol

I look at things linearly so I applied this to something I find completely mystifying: Fashion. Here is the method I created (that sounds like I’m the only one who’s ever done anything like this…you know what I mean).

“I am happiest when I feel prepared.” -me

Phase I: Identify 

I made a list of what I need for my life as a 37 year old stay at home mother of 2 kids (1 and 3 years old) by starting with a list of what I normally do:


My Very Fast and Sexy Life

Morning Walk or Jog alone/Jogging stroller walk with kids

Park/Kids’ Activites/Playdates

Errands (Grocery shopping/Target)

Date night/Date lunch (like maybe once a month)

Girls Lunch (like once every 2 months)/Family Holidays

Weekends with family (want to look a little cuter than during the week HA)


Categories of clothing:

  1. Leisure wear/Exercise clothes for workouts (leggings, old tees, sports bras, running shoes)
  2. Day wear for the park and errands (tees, jeans, sweaters,casual dresses, jackets, cardigans)
  3. Something cool for a date/girls lunch (blouse, nice jeans, dressier shoes, cardigan)
  4. Wedding/Family photos (dresses)

Phase II Separate

I went through my closet/drawers and put everything on a hanger (besides work out clothes/underwear). I looked at each item and had a moment of honesty with myself, asking if I would wear it for one of my activities listed above. 

I have a pile for:

  1. Sell (if tags are still on, if its expensive and in great condition). I eBay or do a consignment store drop off.
  2. Donate 

If you are interested in more detailed methods of purging or decluttering, this book has a specific clothing section:



Then organize all your items by type: pants, tees, tops, outerwear etc. 

Phase III Build

Now that I had a great looking base of clothing, I started studying the items I had been eyeing on my favorite fashion bloggers and store sites to see if they fit into one of my categories. Then I decided how many of each item I would like

  1. Jeans: already own a distressed black pair, distressed blue pair, want a dressy dark pair, a  mid priced girlfriend pair and a plain black or gray pair.
  2. Tees: 5 long sleeved for fall/winter; 5 short sleeved for layering here
  3. Tops: already own 2 nice short sleeved blouse type shirts, want a sharp looking striped blouse and a couple ruffle sweaters for dates/lunches/family functions.
  4. Outerwear: I always get carried away here but let myself go a little wild ok? 
  5. Shoes: already own Birkenstocks, Free People open toed shoes, booties, running shoes and leisure black Nikes. want white leisure sneakers for park/errands also maybe some slides/mules?
  6. Dresses: already own 2 casual dresses great for layering with cardigans. Looking for a family photo dress/wedding guest dress.
  7. Bralettes: I’m loving the trend of thin and light intimates. Sooo over my super bulky nursing bras. Ha! These are great for peekaboo details with deep V necks or slide-off-the-shoulder tops.
  8. leisure:  already own a bunch of work out leggings and tops. looking for a pair of black joggers. 


**These items pictured below are a combination of things I own from past seasons, the current season and items I have my eye on. 

In general, my most shopped stores are: Nordstrom, Target, Marhsalls, Madewell and a new store you will see linked below that I have been really happily surprised about.


These button up jeans are my “dressy jeans.” They hold me in like a girdle and feel so amazing. I had them hemmed with a classic hem even though they came with a chewed hem. I want to wear them with one of the striped blouses to a girls lunch or date. 



The ruffle sweaters are so soft and make me look sharp while feeling like I’m wearing a sweatshirt.  

I have a bunch of these cotton long sleeved tops in different colors (striped, navy, gray, white). I added a peplum one in white (in linen blend) to break it up. 


I am on the hunt for perfect mule for me and these are the ones that I like out there. The white sneaker is going to be a park staple with my girlfriend jeans. 


I always have way too much outerwear but I love it because since i’m usually in a tee and jeans, I love how jackets/vests/cardigans can pull together a look. I also love how I could wear them at any size (pre/post and transitional baby body).

The soft brown cardigan is back this season and its so cozy and easy. 





I love these leggings. I also own a bunch of leggings from Marshalls because I need like 5 pairs to last me through the week. Most of my workout tops are day wear tees that are a bit worn. I just slide them into the workout drawer. I even use things like cotton peplum tanks. 



This hairclip is the BEST hairlip you will every have. Super sturdy and a very strong hold. I purchase handbags like once every 10 years and wear them every day (Louis Vuitton bag pictured in photo at top of page). I linked a couple certified used ones here. These last forever and go with everything. 

You did it!

Please let me know how you cleaned out your closet and what other pieces you are shopping for! What are your staples that have lasted many seasons? Thank you!

Please check under the “shop” tab at the top of the site to see new items in my closet.

My Galentine Rossmore LA

February 8, 2017


Years ago (before kiddos), Chris and I were renting a vacation condo in LA for a few weeks. One of my very good friends from high school lives there and we had gone out for lunch at a healthy cafe nearby. As I waited for her to return from the restroom, I saw Suzy (of Rossmore LA) sitting at a table, sorting tons of these beautiful, delicate silver rings in a million sizes. 

I wanted some! So, I introduced myself and asked her if they were for sale. She was separating them before delivering them to a boutique and offered me a good price. “These little rings keep my lights on,” she told me. I just fell in love with her. I bought a set of 5 silver rings- 2 I gave to the friend with me and I kept the other three for myself. Suzy’s story of her jewelry line, Rossmore LA, is wonderful from selling all her stuff to get it going and nearly giving up to finding her jewelry on Kate Bosworth and Jessica Alba to recently being on (and winning) the show Billion Dollar Buyer. 

Each piece is hand made. She calls her jewelry, “The broken noses,” as in each is not perfect and that is why they are beautiful. 

I have a skinny ring in gold and the few in silver. Now I wear them low in the traditional spot but the smaller sizes are meant to be worn on the higher knuckles and they are so super cute. The Heron ring is also a fave!

All her earrings are versatle and I love the small size. 

All three necklaces are so dear to me and you see that I am wearing one of them at all times. I wore them here together to give you an idea of scale. I love how the heart one is meant to be worn off to the side. 

You can shop her website: Rossmore LA

Or visit her on Instagram: RossmoreLA

Rossmore LA In The OC

October 27, 2014

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Rossmore LA Jewelry Trunk Show The Hidden Jewel BoutiqueRossmore LA Jewelry Trunk Show The Hidden Jewel BoutiqueRossmore LA Jewelry Trunk Show The Hidden Jewel Boutique Rossmore LA Jewelry Trunk Show The Hidden Jewel Boutique Rossmore LA Jewelry Trunk Show The Hidden Jewel BoutiqueRossmore LA Jewelry Rossmore LA Jewelry Trunk Show The Hidden Jewel Boutique Rossmore LA Jewelry Trunk Show The Hidden Jewel BoutiqueRossmore LA Jewelry

I want to invite you to a beach bonfire where I will be incinerating my Target tank tops and 2 black skirts AKA my signature new-mom wardrobe. Ha!

You know it’s always fun to shop for shoes, hats and JEWELRY in any situation!!!! Suzie of Rossmore LA (former post of Rossmore LA) was in my neighborhood this week. Check out her Instagram to see what’s new or back to stock. 

I also got to meet her friend, Courtney, owner/creator/designer of Maison du Soir, luxury loungewear, who you can find on

This of course got me SUPER excited about having my own business again and Chris gave me an idea of what might be a good fit. Can you guess??? Happy Monday!!!

$100 Madewell Giveaway

February 20, 2014

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You may have noticed a few updates to the blog layout. Please be patient with me as I mess around a bit. I’m trying for something new. Any feedback would be appreciated…I’m tough so throw it out there! K?I LOVED hearing about how you decided when to makeup and when not to! Thanks! Alright, on to the giveaway!

Um, yes please! Madewell is so cool and classic. I got into their brand when I was living in Seattle. The one I went to in Seattle was in a row with Free People, J. Crew, a local women’s clothing boutique and Anthropologie was across the way. HEAVEN! I would like this pick up this staple of a skirt (after the baby), go-to flats, perfect chambray, this little sporty backpack,  and put it toward this chic everyday tote investment.

This month I have teamed up with Sarah at A Girl Smitten and five other wonderful ladies to bring you a $100 Madewell gift card giveaway!

Be sure to check out the amazing ladies below that made this possible!

Anne  /  Rachel  /  Jasmine  /  Amber  /  Aukele  /  Christina  /  Sarah
You can enter via the rafflecopter below!  Good luck!

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