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How To Transition Into A Maternity Wardrobe

January 7, 2014

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Maternity Wardrobe: Step 1



Here’s a little hand holding for transitionioning into a maternity wardrobe or a post-holiday-of -cookie-eating wardrobe. 

**This article is NOT titled “How to Build a Red Carpet Ready Maternity Wardrobe.” This is just how to gracefully take your current wardrobe into one for pregnancy. I’m 18 weeks along and this has been working for me! Eventually, I’m going to need real maternity tops!

Belly Band

You NEED this. As soon as the button of your pre-pregnancy pants won’t close, pull this handy tool over it. A mom-friend of mine suggested to keep it around for later in pregnancy for belly support with the low-banded maternity pants. I hear it’s good for post-pregnancy to use with your old pants again too. I picked up a Be Maternity Beband at Target.

Black Leggings

A really good pair of black leggings is key. My friend Kelly said jeans just didn’t work for her during pregnancy and leggings were her friend. I pair them with a little cotton mini I had from before. Wear them with flats, tall boots or booties. These can be good for a “dressier” look if you need it but don’t have the right dress to wear. Every maternity store or department will carry some of these. 

Comfortable Jeans

Target jeans? Liz Lange jeans Yes. I did that. Even when I had no money in grad school, I would buy designer jeans from my favorite consignment store at a fifth of the original price. I’ve gone into mom-land. These are super comfortable. I actually bought these waaay before I needed them. They were too big…then when I needed to start wearing them, they fit. Drat! It’s ok, you’ve GOT to be comfortable! I washed them in hot water and dried on high before taking them in to get hemmed for $10. 

Skinny Jeans 

I chose Gap Alway Skinny Jeans. These are a little fancier than the Target jeans but the prices are still reasonable. I always want a pair of straight leg/boot leg and a pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are perfect for feeling more stylish and put-together.  

Long Tank Tops

These will extend the life of your pre-pregnancy shirts. I put these under everything and I’ve hardly bought any maternity shirts…yet. I’m 4.5 months along. Long Tank Tops.

Bigger Bras 

Your breasts are growing. I was in total denial of it even as I confined my now C cups into the padded B bras I had. When I finally broke down and tried on a bigger bra at Target, I literally made a vocal sound of relief in the dressing room. I bought a couple of Simply Perfect by Warners Bras from Target. It is SUPER comfortable and padded enough to keep any headlight action at bay. 

 Any other suggestions?

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Glossy Blonde

Shopping Buzz

December 16, 2013

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IMG_2997I got to spend about an hour and a half at the mall with my sister this weekend and it was AWESOME!!! She makes me feel like I’m a pro-stylist. I know her style and I can go through racks of dresses, pull 20 and in there will be the PERFECT outfit for what she’s looking for. What a buzz! We found her this hot dress at Macy’s (it was on super sale so it was hard to find online).   


I’ve been seeing the Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallette on some blogs (The Small Things Blog and The Lauren Elizabeth). I hardly wear eye shadow but my sister does so I introduced her to it and she was hooked.

I wear Chloe perfume almost every day. I got hooked on it because a woman I used to work with wore it and she just smelled like freshly washed hair (that Pantene kind of smell). It’s so fresh, rosy and ladylike. Sephora sells a rollerball that I bought for travel. It’s a nice way to test run a scent. Remember, you can always ask for a sample of perfume at places like Sephora to give a scent a real trial run. They’ll make you a little spray bottle of your own. Every perfume needs a chance to mix with your own chemistry. 

These Anastasia eyebrow stencils are foolproof! I started using them because I’m bad at going in regularly to get my brows done and I wanted to save a little cash!

Building Blocks For The Man’s Wardrobe

December 11, 2013

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Building Blocks

I’m no style guru, this is just what my husband wears. Chris has some very nice pieces and it is easy to update his staples with some new button downs etc. 

Banana Republic

These soft-wash shirt are super comfy and fit Chris VERY well! I have a feeling they’re going to wash very well.

1. Soft-Wash Three-tone Gingham Shirt-got this exact pattern. LOVE it! He says it reminds him of what his grandpa wore. Perf.

2. Tailored Slim-Fit Soft-Wash Multi-Plaid Shirt-picked up one in Navy gingham.

BR has had some crazy promotions lately. We got 40% off these two shirts last weekend! Chris actually let me drag him into ONE store in the mall and he was patient!

J. Crew

3. Cashmere V-neck Sweater-Chris has had one like this for a while and it comes out every winter. Just keep updating the button downs. Gray and/or navy are great staple colors.


4. Hugo Boss Wool Blend Jacket in Charcoal-Chris bought this on his own (impressed) a few years ago and it’s still going strong. He wears it with jeans or even biz casual outfits.

5. AG Denim– Dark, high quality denim. Essential. His AG pair (bought 2 years ago) will last FOREVER.


6. Chris wears these New Balance Sneakers in gray and blue with EVERYTHING…and it works for him. When he wears these with jeans and a sweater, he calls it his “Seinfeld” look. I love it.

You can find these looks at Target, Marshalls or Old Navy for much less. If you had to splurge on only one thing, go for the jeans. 🙂



Holiday Gift Guide

December 5, 2013

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Holiday Gift Guide



Here are some gifts I have given and received…or want to receive! 

1. Books:
The Domino Design book is one I always see at Anthropologie (and recently on Lauren Elizabeth’s blog) and I always want it! Now it’s around $20 on Amazon and I think I’ll be gifting it to myself this year.
Malcolm Gladwell is out with this new book about underdogs called David and Goliath. You may know him from his famous books: Outliers or The Tipping Point. Great for your little thinkers.
The Secret Language of Relationships: I love having this on my shelf for when friends/couples come over. It is eerily accurate and fascinating to see how you and someone match up.
Classy: This is a silly coffee table book for ladies. Love it!
2. Gift Cards:
These can be a really cool gift for the office. You could do small ones for everyone or do a big “office coffee fund.”
This seems to be gaining wild popularity lately and these kits are right on time. 
4. Kitchen Girlie things:
Everyone could appreciate some beautiful oven mits, kitchen towels or an apron. I have ones that I LOVE and most of them were gifts!
5. Candles:
A classic go-to. These Capri Blues from Anthropologie have a unique scent that I LOVE and the containers are so gorgeous. I’ve only bought them as gifts b/c I can never bring myself to splurge on them for myself.
6. Kitchen Fancies:
Would I EVER buy myself those golden ice tongs. NO WAY. But they would be kinda cool as a gift! 
Wine glasses-my mother-in-law just got some of these for my sister-in-law. The bee design brand La Rochere is even at Target now
An interesting or ornate bottle opener can be a great gift for the entertainer.
I totally have this blue ceramic egg crate in my fridge. I love it!
7. Airline Tickets:
There are some incredible deals right now so fly a friend out to see you or buy yourself a ticket to see them.
8. Men’s Travel Toiletry Bag:
Monogrammed or not, every guy would love a manly, leather sack for his travel fair. Fill it with travel sized items and a toothbrush! Heck, add in some airline tickets for two…well, at least a love note. The one pictured is from Etsy. Check out this yummy one from Pottery Barn.

Cyber Monday!!!

December 2, 2013

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I am dying to know what everyone is buying today! Yes, it is holiday shopping time…and there are so many cool things out there! I am naming my style “Boho Prep” and the plaid scarf synches it.
I remember when I was working as a headhunter (my first non-military job and first desk job), Cyber Monday was coming up and I really really really wanted to browse online but was so scared that they monitored all of our computers. Well, apparently it is totally expected and everyone does it. I will be checking out J. Crew, Anthropologie,, Nordstrom, Madewell and Shop Bop to name a few. 
What else has your eye???

The Daily Habit This Fall

November 26, 2013

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It’s actually getting a bit cooler in Southern California and let’s get real-I am a uniform girl. I was comfortable wearing the same thing to work when I was in the Navy and even when I owned my own acupuncture practice, I wore the same thing every day-crisp white blouse and black slacks with Danskos (I didn’t like the white lab coat look nor did I want the Earth-Mother look). In my personal life I have always had those few go-to core basics to work around every season. Here’s the latest combo set I’m working with. I don’t necessarily wear it all together. These are my staples.Fall Uniform


1. Invest in a few really soft, form fitting under-clothing tops.
2. A great pair of leggings that keeps their shape for a couple of wears is invaluable! I like ones with a bit a spandex in them so they stay blacker longer and firm up a few saddle-haggish areas for me.
3. I am still into chambray. I have a polka-dotted one from J. Crew factory kind of like the one pictured.
4. My Trouve black blazer with faux leather shoulder accents is the edgiest, classic piece in my wardrobe. Even my celebrity stylist friend said she wanted it when we went out to dinner a couple of weeks ago. Victory!
5. OK, ya gotta get some ankle boots. These are totally in. Jen (again the celebrity stylist) took me shopping for some and picked out these. Normally I am NOT a fan of Rocket Dog nor am I a fan of this style but when I put them on, the wide top part made my legs look thinner because they weren’t tight at my ankles. They are SUPER comfortable and look put together but casual. I love the contrast with the black legging and I wear them with dark skinny jeans as well. 
6. Corso Como brown riding boots! Mine are from last season and very similar to these I found online now. I have let’s say…medium sized calves and these babies fit so well and make me look proportional. They look SO good with any tight pant. The color is so rich!