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Acupressure For Frontal Headache

May 1, 2014

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Acupressure frontal headache-4 TEXT

Acupressure frontal headache-2 TEXTAcupressure frontal headache-3 Apply Pressure

This point, Large Intestine 4 is the command point of the face. It is used for many ailments but very generally it is a great point for relieving frontal headaches.

1. Locate: Large Intestine 4 is located in the middle of the second metacarpal bone, that little bone in your hand, below your index finger, on the thumb side.

2. Stimulate: Give it a good rub and visualize the energy in your head flowing down into this point in your hand. Do this on both right and left hands.

**Stimulating this point is contraindicated (forbidden) for pregnant women and that is because it is also associated with the uterus. Please always consult your primary health care provider before any treatment.  

I’m pregnant and I just lightly touched this point for the photo, without applying pressure. 

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Acupressure For Stress Relief

April 3, 2014

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Acupressure Shen MenThis is the first in a monthly feature series I’ll be doing called The Monthly Point. I will feature an acupunture point for you to locate and stimulate for the associated desired effect. Here is a general explanation of how acupuncture works. Let’s get started! (disclaimer: discuss all medical conditions with your health provider whenever necessary)

Acupuncture Points

Each acupuncture point is simply a location on the body. Every point has a precise anatomical location, Chinese name and many have an associated number as well. 


Now acuPRESSURE is the act of putting pressure on acupuncture points. You can do this with your fingers or a blunt massage tool. This stimulates the point and creates the associated balancing action/healing action of the point. 

Shen Men, or Heavenly Gate, is a spirit calming point. You can rub this point to relax yourself.

It’s located in each ear within what is called the triangular fossa. Before I went to school for acupuncture, I seriously thought all ears were unique. What I learned is that everyone’s ear has the same structures and you can use these structures as a map to find the same point on any ear. 

Shen Men is located here in the outer corner of that little triangle in your upper ear. 

I am pointing to Shen Men here, using the blunt ended handle of an acupuncture needle. My fingers are wrapped around the plastic protective guide tube.

Shen MenI just digitally placed a blue-green dot where the point is precisely located:

Shen Men

Place your finger on the point and your thumb behind the ear to support it. Then just rub. Take a few moments to close your eyes and breath deeply. You can kind of pinch the area with your fingers or nail (do not break the skin of course) and rub in a circular or back and forth motion. 
Acupressure Shen Men

I like to stimulate both points at once!Acupressure Shen Men

How did you enjoy that?! 

Here’s a pinnable tutorial:

Instant Acupressure For Stress Relief

The Point: How does Acupuncture Work?

April 1, 2013

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What is Acupuncture?  Well, you can think of your body like a house with electrical wiring running through it.  The wires or channels conduct a current that acupuncturists refer to as “qi.” Qi is the vital force or electricity of the body. A rock has no qi and a squirrel gnawing on the roof of your house has qi.  Sometimes, the flow of electricity (qi) is interrupted because the wires get cut.  When the wires are cut and the flow of electricity is interrupted, there is dysfunction or disease.

What cuts wires in our body?  Good question! The wires get cut by emotional extremes, dietary choices and physical trauma.  A period of extreme emotional turmoil, poor diet and a car accident are some examples.

How does an acupuncturist know which wires have been cut? There is an ancient and sophisticated system of (but not limited to) reading the pulse, tongue diagnostics, physical palpation and questioning he or she uses to determine the cut wires.  Based on the gathered information, the acupuncturist selects a prescription of points along the wires to place hair-thin needles.  These sterile, one-time-use needles are painlessly inserted and left for a period of moments or roughly up to an hour while the needles work to repair the wires.

Your treatment schedule is determined by how quickly you respond to treatment, the length of the ailment and your involvement (adjusting personal habits in your life).  Treatments can be performed daily, weekly or monthly based on your specific needs.  Acupucture is a safe, evidence based, natural method of treatment for any kind of ailment.  It is relaxing, virtually pain-free way to restore your body’s healthy balance. Here are some things to consider when choosing a licensed acupuncturist.

(Featured image by adrigu, via Flickr)