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Cheers Friday

February 28, 2014

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Hope your week has been incredible! We’re all expecting much needed rain in SoCal but it’s been looking like this!

IMG_2650Here are some toppers from the week…

1. Oh I’m going to make this trip to San Diego this weekend! I’m ready now! There is some great friend time ahead. I just have to take it easy and try not to kill myself seeing every person I miss from living there! 

2.. I did a little guest post/intro on the very kind, lovely and majorly organized Jade and Oak today. Please check it out! Her pugs are amazing and enviable. There will be a group giveaway on the blog this coming Tuesday.

Jade and Oak

3. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve picked up this new Rifle Paper Co. pad this week and It’s changed my life! You can find a similar one online here. I purchased this one (and another as a gift) at the store. Trust me, there may be one little thing on this list in the photo but this thing is packed now!

Rifle Paper Co. Notepad Anthropologie

4. It’s warm enough for smoothies in LA and this was my fave of the week: bleuberrry, banana, greek yogurt and chia seed. Fun drinks make up a bit for the cocktails I miss sometimes. 🙂Blueberry banana greek yogurt smoothie

5. On one of the morning walks this week I was in SUCH an energetic and great mood. I was nonstop talking and pointing. “Look, 4 birds!” Chris looks up, half asleep and says flatly, “five birds.” Awkward. What’s wrong with me!? I’ve got to get better at counting if I’m going to be a mom.

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Hey, have a great weekend. I want to know what you’re doing! Leave me a comment so I can get to know you! 

The Friday High 5

February 21, 2014


It’s a wonderful Friday! Here are some highlights from the week. I’m going to spend some time with girlfriends this weekend in San Diego! I miss the girls and SD so much! 

1. This beef bowl. This is the kind of stuff I order now at sushi restaurants! I miss yellowtail but this was great.


2. This weather is sensational. I love living so close to the beach.

IMG_36493. Have you checkedout out the $100 Madewell giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

4. Jen from Intuitive Artists took some really cool new photos for the site. I’m trying to improve the visual experience here. These carpets were amazing. I want all of them. Here are some more on the About page. IMG_1968

5. I bought a really cool brush pen and learned how to scan and clean up/color hand written text this week! I love personalized anything so this is awesome. Thank you, Jessica from Coco and Mingo for the inspiration and pen recommendation!

Bursh pen Pink Happy or Else

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A Typical Day In Photos

February 7, 2014

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Happy Friday! Thank you so much for your comments yesterday (and always)-my site was a little wonky so I will respond today!

Here are 5 photos that summed up my day yesterday.

The shoes we’re wearing these days. Look, my feet started expanding like I’ve heard about in pregnancy. I wore some heels on the cruise last week and almost lost my right big toe knuckle. You know like in the cartoons when the evil stepsister puts on a dainty little high heel shoe too small for her ogar foot. Her foot buckles in half and the heel goes flying. Yup, that was me. It’s mild enough for Chris to stay true to his Rainbows. I’m sticking to these Minitonkas I got at Marshalls’ a million years ago (similar). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy first breakfast of the day.


Playing with the settings of the camera. Photographs of people are my fave and I was the only one around. I’m in the guest bathroom after the morning dog walk. Still learning. Hey look, I have a natural little steadying shelf for the camera now!


A little food styling for an upcoming recipe post next week. The photos improve…

P1010038 Some domestics. 


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TBT: The Hottest I’ve Ever Looked

January 30, 2014

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I figured I could post something embarrassing more easily if I was going to be out of town. This is a photo of my very dear friend, Annie, the band Dishwalla and myself. We were tasked with giving the band a tour of our Navy ship. They were there to sign autographs and stuff for the sailors while we docked for Fleet Week in San Fransisco. Annie and I are probably smiling on 2 hours of sleep and 4 donuts. 

Check out those pants. See how high they come up? If you could turn us around, you would see that our tushes measure about 34 inches long (from top to bottom). We called it NIA (Navy Issued A**). 

One summer a few years prior to this, when I was still at UCLA, I was on my way to summer training on a ship in Japan. I picked up my pile of uniforms and excitedly tried them on at my apartment. The main uniform I would be wearing was a blue onesie, kind of like a mechanic’s uniform. Well, my onesies were super tight. I went back to the supply department to exchange them but the chief there refused and told me to deal with it. 

Oh, I dealt with it. I owned that J. Lo cat suit all summer long. It was so tight and the pant legs were even high waters somehow. In order to use the restroom, you had to unzip the zipper all the way down, pull the sleeves off your arms and pull the whole thing down. I had to contort like an acrobat in order to get that thing off without hurting any private areas. 

Then I heard it. “Donkey.” Yes, that was my ship wide nickname. 

When I entered the Navy for real, and I was responsible for buying my own blue uniforms, I brought them so big they were like tarps and the belt was the only thing that kept it from blowing out like a sail. The pant legs were so saggy. There was no way to tell whether I was a girl or a boy. Perfect. 

H54F: I Abused A Holiday Gift Card

January 24, 2014

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1. If I linger in bed a while after Chris gets to the shower, Charlie will jump up and lie next to me in Chris’ spot. I grabbed my phone for a shot of him as the sun rose.

This is that glorious sunshine we came back to California for. Sure, it’s worth 800% income tax vs. 0% in Washington. No problem.

2. I went to buy Chris a new pair of Havaianas in black. He lost one of his while saving me in a river when I almost drowned in some little rapids last year. I found the right kind (via many phone calls around town) at Venice Beach. What a gorgeous day! I was happy to park half a mile away and walk the boardwalk.

IMG_32573. Fabio is coming the the Whole Foods in Venice Beach! I love this guy! 


4. I kind of cheated and used a Christmas Babies ‘R Us gift card on myself this week! AH! This pillow was on sale for $35 and it is pretty incredible. Can you see that curtain back there? Well, it’s red. Red VELVET. The windows in this rental are HUGE and came with coverings. It is too easy just to leave what’s there so that’s what we’ve done. 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

IMG_32475. This is the first article of boy clothing I’ve come across in a store (Old Navy) that got me excited…I did not buy it however. I feel like I have to see the guy before I know what his jam is, you know? I am pretty sure he’ll be a flannel guy like his dad though.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

5.1 OK, please come back on Monday to see what we’re up to this week. Our excitement about it has been brewing all week! It was kind of a last minute decision. Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you soon! XO

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H54F: Bacon For ME

January 17, 2014

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Happy Friday! How’s life? I’m going back to that life-long resolution of letting go a bit and relaxing. 

1. Loving this crazy manicure this week! Notice the outfit I’m wearing…most likely taken in my pajama/dog walking outfit. The technician used gold glitter powder to create an ombre effect. These hands belong in Miami. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2. This is a breakfast I made for MYSELF this week. Until this day, I had never made bacon just for myself. Bacon is for sharing. Bacon is for guests. Bacon has less calories when you eat it in the company of others. No, now bacon is for me. I made it for 2nd breakfast. First breakfast was cereal with Chris that morning. Then I actually made a special trip to the grocery store for this stuff. I felt deliciously guilty. That’s fresh-ground lemon pepper on that bagel.bacon eggs and bagel breakfast

3. Linking up with the ladies via Lipgloss and Crayons for this giveaway…which is still going! Click HERE. Thank you to those who have already participated! katespade

4. Seeing the baby’s face was pretty far out. I keep looking at a picture of him and asking myself, “Who does that look like?” What kinds of answers am I expecting? Hopefully something like Keanu Reeves (not Bill & Ted Keanu but Matrix/Point Break Keanu).

5. Getting ready for another giveaway! Stay tuned!Target gift card

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